Terms and conditions: GENERAL TERMS OF USE AND SALE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA COMMUNICATION  TERMS & CONDITIONS The owner and holder of exploitation rights of this web page is the company named "LITTA LTD", and styled (distinctive title) LITTA (littashop.com), (hereinafter referred to as “LITTA"), wherein the words “we” or “our” will refer to the above company. Our company’s registered offices are situated at: Kassaveti 11, Kifissia, Athens, Greece Postal Code 14562, the Tax Registration Number is 095229492. For the needs of this document and for brevity you will be referred to as the USER. For any question, query, or clarification in relation to these terms and conditions of this agreement, or for comments and complaints in relation to our web page, we request that you communicate with us at the e-mail address: littaltd@gmail.com  or on the telephone number: 00302108085311 The general sales terms which are specified have the purpose to define the sales conditions between the USER of the littashop.com e-shop and LITTA and are the only enforceable terms. LITTA may on occasions amend certain provisions of the general terms. The USER is obligated to consult said terms each time s/he visits the said web page.  On the basis of the following terms and conditions, the USER may visit and use the LITTA web page. The following terms apply to all the transactions that the USER concludes on the LITTA web page.  The USER declares that, with his/her entry to the web page and further to his/her registration, s/he fully accepts the general sales terms after having read said terms.  LITTA is bound in relation to the quality, the completeness and the validity of the information that is presented (appeared) in its web page and specifically in relation to the information that is set out as well as the services provided by its e-shop, without prejudice to any technical or typographical errors, which cannot be foreseen or have arisen without fault or due to disruptions to the web page due to force majeure.

OWNERSHIP RIGHTS All rights, inclusive of the intellectual property right (copyright) in this web page, belong to LITTA and Opencart. Indicatively but not limited to these rights relate to the design of the web page, the presentation method of the goods (products), the content of the www.littashop.com web site address, inclusive of the logo, the images, the photographs, the graphics, the designs, the texts and the services provided and are protected under the relevant provisions to which the visitor / user must consent if s/he desires to continue his/her browsing or to purchase a certain product. Consequently, actions of any kind relating to the use of the material belonging to LITTA shall be prohibited. All of the above may only be used only under license of LITTA. Furthermore, the USER is bound that s/he shall not use the LITTA name and the littashop.com electronic site in a manner that shall in any way violate its identity with any user. It is prohibited to vary, distribute, or re-publish this web page for any purpose.

  REGISTRATION (SUBSCRIPTION) A prerequisite to use the services that the web page provides is the USER’s subscription to it, as it is specifically demonstrated to the USER by the relevant icons on the web page. The requirements may be potentially amended by LITTA from time to time. The particulars and the information that the USER provides upon his/her subscription must be correct, honest (true), accurate, and complete. In the event where some of the information provided by the USER upon his/her subscription has changed, s/he is obligated to update the "Register account" information. 

RIGHT TO CONCLUDE AN AGREEMENT FOR REMOTE PURCHASE The purchase of merchandise from LITTA is strictly restricted to persons that have the legal right to sign and to conclude contracts on the web page in accordance with the Greek legislation.The USER must possess the legal capacity, which is deemed in accordance with the provisions of Greek legislation. In order to a purchase through the web page, it is necessary for the USER to register an account to declare his/her personal data, namely the USER is obligated to declare his/her real name, telephone number, e-mail address and any other information that may potentially be requested.  During the order of the products the USER will be asked to declare payment information (e.g. credit card particulars, etc) and to verify and guarantee that the payment information provided to LITTA, upon the order, is valid and correct. The web page is only available to private individuals and other persons complying with the terms of suitability (appropriateness) imposed by LITTA and in respect of whom a valid credit or debit card has been issued by a bank that is acceptable to LITTA and whose applications have been accepted by LITTA and who have authorised LITTA to carry out one or more charges to their credit card for the amount of the purchase’s total value for the products that are being purchased. The purchases that the USER performs on the web page are exclusively for his/her personal use (or for gifts) and are not permitted to be used for re-sale or for other commercial purposes. LITTA reserves the right to prohibit the order and the sale of multiple quantities of a product to the USER, which is dispatched to a customer or to a postal address. The USER, where s/he desires to purchase products from LITTA, expressly and without reservation, authorises LITTA to conduct credit checks, and where it deems it necessary, on occasions to transmit or to receive information about the USER to or from third parties, as with credit reports, and to proceed to the verification of the USER’s identity. In relation to orders of a specifically high value, LITTA may communicate with the USER in any appropriate manner to verify the USER’s identity prior to the dispatch of the order. 

GUARANTEES AND DESIGNATION OF PRODUCT PRICES: LITTA offers products for sale, which it has acquired from fashion houses, manufacturers and representatives. No LITTA product is second-hand, defective or of an inferior quality, unless stated otherwise. Furthermore, the main features of the products are displayed on the LITTA web page and specifically on the page for each product.  Despite the fact that LITTA provides a complete presentation for each product, due to the website browsing software or the screen, the products offered for sale on the LITTA web page may not precisely correspond to the actual products in terms of the image and the colours. LITTA carries no liability for those types of mismatches. The image and the colours are only intended for the purposes of representation. The weights, dimensions and capacities, where these are provided, are approximations. In relation to further queries the USER may contact the sales department (10:00-20:00 from Monday to Friday) at the 11 Kasaveti Street address, by fax on 0030210-8019070 and by telephone on 0030210-8085311or by e-mail at the littaboutique@gmail.com. To the extent permitted by current legislation, LITTA refuses and declines any guarantee, express or implied, in relation to the accuracy of the information that is contained anywhere in this web page.  LITTA declares that it shall automatically cancel orders that are made from a country or address that is different to those where it conducts dispatches or where it deems that there is fraud (dolus). LITTA advises the USER that all of the products are accompanied by a disposable identification tag that is attached to the product.

RETURNS:In addition to Distance Selling Registrations, you can return an item within 28 days of receipt for a refund. In all cases, the items must be in their original condition, which includes: tags, any packaging and invoice or receipt. LITTA, expressly reserves its right not to accept the returned products without the corresponding card or products whose original status (condition) has been changed or which have suffered damage. The USER needs to fill out the "Returns" form before they return back the goods.

PRICES FOR THE PRODUCTS LITTA has taken the due care during the preparation of the content of this web page, specifically to ensure that the prices given are correct at the time of publication and that all products are correctly described. However, the orders will be accepted only if there are no substantial errors in relation to the description of the products or their prices, as these are advertised on this web page.The price for the products ordered by the USER and which LITTA accepts will be that indicated on the web page’s pricing page as at the time that the order is completed. LITTA takes all efforts to provide high quality services but cannot ensure that there will not be any interruptions to the web page’s operation or “human” errors during the updating – display of the price of a product. In relation to the security and the effectiveness of the purchases, the USER is kindly requested, where s/he confirms that a certain product is offered at an unusually low or high price in relation to its market value, prior to proceeding with his/her order, to communicate with the Sales department on the telephone numbers 0030210-8085311 or email at: littaboutique@gmail.com or a fax to:  0030210-8019070. The price policy of the LITTA products is the same. There are offers for selected products, the prices of which differ from the store and only apply to purchases through the e-shop. All of the prices for the products are subject to change and accordingly the USER is obligated to check the final sales price prior to the dispatch of his/her order.

CORRECTION OF ERRORS TO THE ORDER :Prior to the completion of the order (page entitled “SHOPPING CART”), confirm order ,namely prior to its confirmation, the USER may cancel, or vary the product (by ticking on the box under the word “REMOVE”) or the quantity selected (by selecting a different number in the box under the word “QUANTITY”) or confirm his/her order and to proceed to the information for shipping and taxes, apply discount etc. The user can change the information by clicking "Modify"And after all info is correct  the USER can select the "Continue" icon to finally confirm the order.

AVAILABILITY All orders that are accepted by LITTA are subject to the product’s availability. 

RECOGNITION AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE ORDER The USER, after having selected the products that s/he desires and the delivery location for his/her “SHOPPING CART", will dispatch the order by following the relevant icons on the web page. Thereafter, by selecting the icon “Continue”, will go through "Checkout options", "Billing Details", "Delivery Details", "Delivery Method", “Payment Method” page, further to the choice of payment, and finally  "Confirm Order".  LITTA informs the USER about his/her order number. Thereafter, the USER will be informed by LITTA by e-mail, as soon as possible, to confirm that his/her order has been received and completed. The said e-mail means that the USER’s order has been accepted and that LITTA has proceeded to charge his/her credit,debit card, or paypal accoutn, after having firstly checked its information (in the event where the payment will be settled in that manner). In the event where LITTA proceeds to charging the USER’s card and finds material errors in the order, it reserves the right to return the money to the USER’s card and to cancel the order.  LITTA also reserves the right to refuse the order, if it does not manage to gain access to payment authorisation, for example, where there are restrictions to the transportation of a specific item, where the product is unavailable or it does not meet the quality control standards and is withdrawn, or where the USER does not fulfil the suitability criteria specified above. 

PAYMENT INSURANCE: LITTA does not insure every purchase throughout its transportation and its delivery to the USER. 

DISPATCH & RECEIPT LITTA is obligated to deliver the products, to the address provided by the USER, within the following time table: Europe: Asia: In the event where the USER desires that the products are dispatched in a shorter period he/she has to contact us via e-mail, fax or telephone.There shall be a further charge. We apologize for the inconvenience but we do not cooperate with any courier companies at the moment. All of the potential expenses for the delivery shall be clearly recorded in the order and will include insurance. LITTA will inform the USER by e-mail about it.